Yolanda Busby, RVT

Office Manager

Yolanda has always loved animals and had them in her life, knowing from a young age that she would work in the animal profession. Her first job was at the SPCA, in animal care and as a Humane Officer for 4 years. Yolanda then took a 10-year career hiatus to raise her family. When she found herself caring for a very sick dog, nursing him back to health over six months, Yolanda realized that she had to go back to work in the veterinary profession. That was 30 years ago. Yolanda worked at the Monterey County Animal Shelter and Northridge Veterinary Hospital, and then retired... but was coaxed back to work, once more, at the Steinbeck Country Small Animal Clinic (SCSAC).
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Stephanie Whitehead

Office Reception

Before joining SCSAC in 2014, Stephanie worked for 12 years as a veterinary receptionist and 5 years as a veterinary technician assistant. She has dedicated 14 years of service to kitten foster care and worked for 15 years in shelter services as an adoption associate and clinic assistant.
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Kate Brown

Assistant Office Manager

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Kate was born and raised in Salinas, and has had a love for animals since she can remember. She began working at a veterinary hospital right out of high school. After a few years there, she left to pursue a career in accounting and attend college. After working almost 9 years in the accounting field, Kate was offered an opportunity to work with animals again at SCSAC, and she could not say no. Kate enjoys spending time with her husband and children, traveling and running.
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Laura Ramos, RVT

Veterinary Technician

From 1998 to 2005, Laura worked at Harden Ranch Veterinary Hospital in Salinas. She graduated from Hartnell College in 2001 and was board certified as an RVT. After 10 years serving as head RVT at the Monterey County SPCA, Laura joined SCSAC in 2014.
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Dawn Bright, RVT

Veterinary Technician

Dawn started in veterinary medicine in 1989. She graduated from Hartnell College and was board certified as an RVT in 1992. Dawn joined SCSAC in 2014. In her free time, Dawn likes to go hiking with her husband and her Dalmatians Frisko and Finnegan and her Vizsla Riley.
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Tawanda Gonzales

Veterinary Assistant

Tawanda Gonzales300x300
Tawanda was born and raised in Salinas. She attended Mills College and received her Bachelor’s degree in Biology. After volunteering at the SPCA in Monterey for a few years she found enjoyed working with animals in the clinic. Tawanda enjoys travelling with her husband and son and playing her oboe for various events. She is glad she works as an assistant at SCSAC with doctors and technicians who are highly experienced. They are a great group of people that work well together.
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Paula Anthony

Volunteer Coordinator

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