Game Ready Accelerated Recovery System

gameready2SCEC now provides Game Ready to treat injured horses in the hospital and for preventative therapy on site at horse shows. Game Ready Equine is an Accelerated Recovery System for horses utilizing the same physical therapy used by professional human athletes. It includes ergonomic, flexible wraps that are secured around the areas to be treated and a microprocessor-regulated Control Unit that is filled with ice and water. To reduce swelling, ice is only half of the solution. Active Compression Units force tissue debris out of the affected area and allow fresh blood flow into that part of the body—unlike static compression wraps. Dry cold therapy offers deeper, more consistent cooling without the danger of cracked heels or other damage caused by excessive moisture from wet cold therapies like ice boots. This dry cold and active compression therapy accelerates recovery of strained tendons, muscle tears, soft tissue swelling and other injuries that plague performance.

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